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The Simplest Method to Create Pro-Quality Videos with your Smartphone iPad or other Mobile Device!

BONUS 20+ How to videos included!

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Howard Hale

Howard Hale, an online marketer for over 20 years, takes the reader through the process of creating quality videos step by step.

"I love to eavesdrop in on someone’s brilliance, whether it’s knowledge of a city or cooking or travel or basket-weaving. With Howard Hale, it is videography. More specifically, it is how to create professional, top-quality videos using a smartphone and some fun, but affordable, gear. He lives this stuff and that really just benefits us! You can see and experience it in this fantastic, interactive, and thorough top-shelf book. As Howard reminds us, 'Life is short…hit record!’"  ~Stephanie Bavaro CEO, GREATful WOMAN

As an Online Marketing Strategist, Howard excels at creating effective marketing strategies that create success for his clients.